August 4, 2016


What is a Kinesiologist?

A Kinesiologist is a health care professional who has completed a Bachelors of Science degree from a university. The courses emphasize human anatomy, exercise prescription, biomechanics, and injury rehabilitation. Furthermore, Kinesiologists continue to augment their knowledge through attending conferences and attaining certifications offered throughout the world.

How long is each session of kinesiotherapy?

Each session of kinesiotherapy is one hour in duration, completed on a one-to-one basis at the gym.

What do I wear?

Athletic attire, including: athletic shoes, shorts or sweats, and a breathable, flexible shirt. No flip-flops are allowed at the gym.

How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments varies on your goals, the severity and location of your injury, and your progress. The treatment plan is individualized to your needs. After the first session, you will be provided with the treatment plan.

What methods of payment are accepted?

Credit, cash, cheque, and e-transfer. No debit.

Do I need to purchase a gym membership?

Yes. You can either pay a single drop-in fee ($5.71), or purchase an ongoing membership. Please refer to City of Coquitlam’s membership rates for further details.

Does insurance cover my treatment?

Only ICBC currently covers Kinesiologist services. ICBC coverage is $50/session, referred to as Active Rehabilitation. Active rehab can be billed directly to ICBC, provided we have prior approval from your adjustor or a signed agreement from your lawyer (Direction to Pay).