February 9, 2017


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I had tons of different appointments after my 2016 car accident which actually continued this year 2017. My GP gave me a doctor's referral for my Active Rehabilitation. I informed my adjuster and approved for 10 sessions. I was referred by my PT/MT to a kinesiologist that works at the clinic-really appreciated it! I was so fortunate to have HIM for my injury recovery. He had a great knowledge onwhat he was doing through different kinds of exercises approached. He did fixed from point to point of the pain on muscles, both sides of my shoulders, neck, and experiencing bad headaches, always making sure backbones are on the right positons, aligned and balanced. If something comes up during the exercise-he will fixed them right in one or two seconds and it's gone! He made sure you'll pain-FREE after all. He helped me a lot from the very beginning to the last sessions. His friends fond of calling him-"THE JESUS OF THE GYM". They're absolutely right! I totally AGREE! Awesome FEZ! Thank you.
It was such a nice positive experience to do active rehab with Fez. I started feeling a lot better just after a couple of sessions. Prior to kinesiology I was undergoing treatments of physio and massage therapy. All of those gave me a temporary relief . I started noticing a big difference with kinesiology treatment. My low back pain started to fade, which was a great sign. I took 15 sessions of active rehab and felt great after . I closed my icbc case . Thanks again .
Fez is the only reason I'm still active today as a hardcore athlete who pushes too hard. He has fixed my pain in my knee, hip, back, and shoulder. I thought I would be in pain for the rest of my life, as multiple therapists across Vancouver failed to provide relief. With Fez, I could not believe how quickly I improved!!! During our active rehab sessions, Fez was extremely knowledgeable, professional, and caring. He is creative and holistic, fixing my entire body's muscular imbalance and providing me with exercises and workout advice. Fez has allowed me to return at long last to running and lifting pain free. I'm staying injury free and loving my body! I cannot recommend Kinex Active Rehab highly enough! Fez definitely deserves the title JESUS.
Robyn Dearing
Before Fez started to work on my pain I felt like my joints were literally breaking down. I had pain everywhere. I had plantar fasciitis pain related to my flat feet which had also affected my gait. My gait had affected my ankles and my knees as well. I would wake up every morning with a lot of pain in my heel in the first few steps, pain in my ankle and arthritis pain in the inside of my knee's which would easily get aggravated from various activities. I was referred to a specialist by my GP for my knee pain, but the specialist basically told what movements and activities I should avoid to not exacerbate my joint pain. My pain had become somewhat chronic by the time Fez started to work on me. IN ONLY ONE SESSION THE PAIN I HAD FOR 5 YEARS WAS SIGNIFICANTLY LESS IN MY HEEL, ANKLE, AND KNEES!!! He also taught me exercises to strengthen them better. Now I have better posture, better strength, and no pain thanks to Fez! I read in the other testimonials people are calling him Jesus. I must admit I’m not surprised, those are definitely some healing hands!
Sam Emadian
Fez was great to work with. He made the active rehab process as comfortable as possible while challenging me to push my limits. He is highly knowledgeable about the body's anatomy and best practices for targeting injured or weak areas. I would definitely recommend working with Fez for active rehab or personal training!
Fez is knowledgable, professional, enthusiastic, and personable. I saw Fez recently because I was suffering from severe neck and back pain. I am a university student which means hours spent hunched over my laptop and textbooks. This pain was persistent and getting in the way of studying. My experience with Fez was such a pleasure... he really cares about his patients. Not only did he cure the pain but he made me feel so comfortable and recommended exercises I would be able to do in the comfort of my home. I am now able to study more effectively -- Thank you Fez!
Shayna Harmatny
Like many other people I know, coming across Fez marked the beginning of a new chapter for my physical well being. As a life long martial artist, I have sustained many injuries throughout the course which eventually caused me to experience many difficulties during training and movement in general. The most severe was the excruciating pain I felt in my joints and feet. Fez was able to rid the pain after one session! I was amazed to see years of accumulated injuries, which many other health care practitioners have told me were "inevitable symptoms due to improper training," alleviated in such a short time! I am so happy to be able to continue my training without pain. I now see Fez on a bi-weekly to monthly basis as a type of maintenance for my body. Upon my visit Fez makes sure everything is in the right place so as to prevent any recurring injuries. Thank you Fez for giving me the confidence to stay committed to my active lifestyle!
Jack Wang
I was in a car accident , I was skeptical about this treatment the pain I was in was excruating. As a Longshore men my back is a crucial part of my career ! I was approved for 8 session .. I thought no way would 8 session fix what I was going through.. 6 session in with Fez I was pain free! I was able to return to work , Fez gave me exercises to continue to use if I need. Fez helped me get my life back .. I highly recommend Fez. Thank you again Fez for everything ! I wouldn't be where I am today without your help.
Kyle klassen
Due to having arthritis in my left knee, I almost always had to deal with a lot of pain for about two years. It was hard for me to go on long walks, run or otherwise be comfortable in doing activities I liked. Thanks to Fez’s effective therapy, I now have very strong leg muscles that fully support my knee. I do not wake up in pain anymore, can walk and even run easily! I owe my gained mobility and tremendously improved health to Fez for his great knowledge and innovative exercises. Fez was very dedicated, focused and always listened to my concerns and unique needs. I would definitely recommend Fez to those who are looking for an effective, knowledgeable and a fun rehab professional!
Alex Ajdari
I had a very bad pain in my left shoulder for more than six months and could not sleep on my left side. I could not dress without pain, nor could I do the usual housework or even hold my jacket. Doing a shoulder check while driving was a disaster. I used to have an active life before the pain started, but because of the severe pain It was a while that I could not be active anymore. My doctor suggested to take pain killers only as my x-ray had not shown any joint issues. Then I decided to ask Fez for help. He did an awesome job thanks God. In only one hour he could fix my shoulder which was unbelievable! Since then, my shoulder pain has completely disappeared and I have gotten back to my normal active lifestyle not to mention that I can sleep on my shoulder without any pain. I can actually turn my head like an owl! Not only Fez is extremely knowledgable in what he does,but also he is a great source of positive energy!
I play soccer competitively and after an ACL surgery on my knee, I was struggling with minor injuries in my ankle, hamstring, and knee for a while. After I saw Fez and received treatments from him a few times, and followed a customized active rehab program which he designed specifically according my sport and schedule, I haven't had any injuries for the last 6 months. I was able to see results immediately after the first couple treatments with my balance and body alignment, and my body has become significantly stronger as a result of following my program. I don't have pain in my ankle/knee after working out or playing soccer. In addition to his knowledge and effective therapy, Fez was very approachable, easy to talk to, and continued to monitor my progress by following up with me on my program. He raised the level of my program as I made progress and made sure I am still pushing my body to continuously improve my overall strength and especially the muscles specific to my sport. Fez also helped me in regaining my confidence in my ability to improve and to keep a positive mindset throughout my rehab which was a bonus as I often felt frustrated and hopeless. I would highly recommended for anyone active and especially those involved in sports, or those seeking proper rehab to return to sports from major/minor injuries!
Kia Mirssein
Hi I am very very happy with the services Fez provides. I had been suffering with joint pain in my knees for 3 years, constantly taking supplements like 'Lakoota' to relieve the pain...doctors told me it was arthritis, as I am 61 years old. I was also unable to squat down and move in any way that requires my knees to bend fully. Eventually I had difficulty walking down stairs; it just felt painful and "stuck" as I moved it. My son introduced me to Fez, whom also helped my son greatly in his rehab, and relieved my pain instantaneously during the first session and prescribed me some exercises that I am able to do consistently at the convenience of my home. I am now able to squat, and move freely during my work in all directions I wish...I take the stairs instead of the elevator. I am truly grateful for Fez. My experience, along with the positive reviews I see on this page speaks to the quality of work provided by this enthusiastic and knowledgeable individual. Fez is a role model not only for the health care profession but for all people. Thank you Fez!
Annie Zhang

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